The Friends of South Whatcom Library are volunteers who give of their time to support our local South Whatcom Library. We’re a fun group and we’d love to have you join us! We know your time is valuable, so we offer FLEXIBLE VOLUNTEERING, which means being able to give a manageable portion of your time to an activity that is meaningful to you. Whether that is helping with a single activity or event or serving on a committee or as a board member.

Below you’ll find a list of current volunteer positions that are open. Feel free to contact us if something piques your interest or if you have questions.


If you’re interested in helping with a single activity or event please visit our online calendar, choose an activity or event that interests you and contact us by accessing our CONTACT tab.


  1. Volunteer Coordinator*: recruits and trains volunteers for Friends’ activities and events, works with the board and committee chairs to recruit interested members for committee and board participation.
  2. Resource and Development Committee Chair*: oversees the activities of the R&D committee which is responsible to identify and develop opportunities to raise awareness of library services and to help raise monies to meet needs beyond the library’s annual budget.
  3. Concerts Committee Chair*: oversees the activities of the Concerts Committee which is responsible for developing opportunities to connect our communities and our library through music. E.g. The Whatcom Grooves Annual Jazz Series in which the Whatcom County Library System, The Bellingham Jazz Center and Friends groups from across the county partner to create opportunities to connect young and old with books, music and each other.
  4. Committee membership on a committee of your choice: we have three standing committees: Membership, Resources and Development, and Concert and two sub-committees which are housed under the Resources and Development Committee. These include our In-Library Book Sales and our Website sub-committees.

*Please don’t be intimidated by any of these “fancy” names, they just identify someone who feels comfortable taking abit of a leadership role to do fun things with a group of fun folks. We’re all in this together.

Friends of South Whatcom Library is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

You may find our privacy policy here.